Ramie – a potential option: Quickening the process, Thanh Hoa is ready to make it big

(VAN) Upon witnessing the high economic efficiency of ramie, Thanh Hoa has many encouraging policies to create a complete production – consumption chain.

Thanh Hoa has now planted 670 ha of ramie, reaching 10% of the material area construction plan. Photo: Vo Dung.

Businesses are sufficient in stature, and the locality is determined

In October 2020, An Phuoc Group – Viramie inaugurated An Phuoc Textile Factory. The factory was located in Cam Tu commune – an area full of advantages to develop raw material and create linkage with neighboring raw material areas.

This event marked a new turning point in agricultural restructuring in Thanh Hoa. Thanh Hoa then approved a scheme to develop 6,500 ha of raw ramie material area in 12 districts to meet the processing and operation demands of the factory until 2025.

The factory had produced many batches of standard products whose quality had been tested and guaranteed. In the first quarter of 2021, the factory officially went into operation, reaching 30% of capacity. The plant operated at 100% capacity in the fourth quarter of 2021.

After witnessing the initial effectiveness of hemp, at the end of 2021, Thanh Hoa People’s Committee decided to expand the implementation scope of the scheme in Cam Thuy district. Accordingly, Thanh Hoa added the districts of Yen Dinh, Thach Thanh, Hau Loc, Nong Cong, Nhu Thanh, and Muong Lat to the scope of the scheme.

Following the plan, Cam Thuy district developed approximately 300 ha of ramie, providing raw materials for An Phuoc Textile Factory. In order to further take the advantage of having a factory located in the area, Cam Thuy district directed communes and towns to convert land that was growing inefficient perennial crops to growing ramie and deemed it the main local crop, executing contracts to create linkage with the factory in terms of production and consumption.

The district also directed local authorities and branches as well as unions to organize the transfer of science and technology to farmers on growing AP1 ramie and create conditions for local officials and farmers to visit the factory and effective ramie growing models inside and outside the district to later apply it to local production.


Ramie is expected to change the lives of thousands of farmers in Thanh Hoa province. Photo: Vo Dung.

Cam Thuy district has planted over 350 ha of ramie up to now. According to the plan, by 2025 the raw ramie material growing acreage in Cam Thuy district would reach approximately 800 ha.

Striving to plant over 1,500 ha of ramie every year

In order to stably develop the raw ramie material area, Thanh Hoa has issued mechanisms and policies to support the development process in the 2021 – 2023 period. The Standing Board of Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee also directs the entire local political system to have firm determination to the big picture.

Accordingly, businesses, cooperatives, cooperative groups, households and individuals that grow ramie as raw materials for textile production in the province under the scheme will be supported with VND 10 million/ha to convert the land used for growing inefficient perennial crops; 50% of the ramie seed purchase cost (VND 10 million); VND 5 million for each ramie bark broaching machine.

Each specific object and different area size will receive the according level of support. The policy implementation period is from January 1, 2021 to the end of December 31, 2023.

“Local people are completing documents to receive support from Thanh Hoa province. Hopefully the ramie material area will thrive in accordance with the planning process and bring a prosperous life to the farmers,” said Mr. Vu Quang Trung, Deputy Director of Thanh Hoa Sub-Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection.

In order to show the determination to build a sustainable ramie material area associated with the processing industry and improve the value of the production chain, in April 2022 the Standing Board of Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee issues an official dispatch to direct localities and the agriculture sector to promote the development of ramie material areas in the province, striving to plant 1,500 ha of ramie on average each year so that by 2025 the entire province will have 6,457 ha of ramie or more, fully meeting the needs of An Phuoc Textile Factory.

Authors: Vo Dung – Cong Dien

Translated by Samuel Pham


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