Prospect of ramie growing in Phu Tho

(VAN) With close association with businesses in production and consumption, ramie is opening up many prospects in Cam Khe district (Phu Tho).

With the advantage of single planting, quick harvest, long-term exploitiation and having businesses to consume products, ramie has been planted for nearly a year and brought high economic efficiency to farmers in Phuong Vi commune, Cam Khe district (Phu Tho).

In 2021, the People’s Committee of Cam Khe district in collaboration with An Phuoc Company (Hanoi) organized the planting of AP1 ramie in Phuong Vy commune. Mr. Tran Van Toan in Trai Cu area pioneered the planting of 4 sao of ramie, gradually replacing other inefficient crops. His family’s land previously specialized in growing cassava, corn and other crops, but the economic efficiency was not high, so after consultation, his family switched to growing ramie.

The ramie growing model in Phuong Vy commune (Cam Khe district, Phu Tho) has given very promising results. Photo: Manh Thuan.

Due to its compatibility to the soil, climate and proper care, the ramie grows well and has a high yield. Looking at the ramie piled up and put through stripping machine into small, long, soft ramie and then brought to the drying area…, Mr. Toan said: Ramie is easy to grow, a one-time investment for 5 to 10 years, with 3 to 4 harvest a year. With the current selling price at 45,000 VND/kg, the ramie plant can give an income of about 150 million VND/ha/year. The harvested products are purchased entirely by An Phuoc Company, so farmers participating in planting are assured of consumption.

Ramie is a species of tree with good properties and high use value such as: The bark of the trunk can be produced into good quality textile fibers; Leaves can be used to make cakes, extract essential oils, produce natural colorants for the food industry…

Realizing that this is a new plant, suitable for the local soil and climate, Mr. Nguyen Van Chu, a farmer household in Xom Dat area (Phuong Vy commune) proposed to the local government to coordinate with the An Phuoc Company to plant ramie and established Tan Hop Cooperative with 7 members and with him as the director.

Ramie is a plant with many benefits, in terms of high economic and environmental sustainability in production. Photo: Manh Thuan.

Members of the cooperative have carried out land reclamation. Seedlings, planting and care techniques are specifically guided by An Phuoc Company, with a contract to ensure the consumption of all products. During the implementation process, the District People’s Committee implemented policies to support agricultural production. 

Mr. Chu confided: “Ramie is a new plant with potential for local development. Planting ramie produces four times as much as corn, potato and cassava, suitable for local soil. Since then, the cooperative has reported to local authorities and district Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop ramie. From the initial 3 hectares, we have now expanded to 8 hectares.”

Ramie is a one-time crop that can be harvested for more than 10 years, with 4-5 litters per year; Good drought tolerance, harvest time from 45-50 days/season, few pests and diseases. Therefore, farmers save costs for seedlings and care. Currently, the ramie of Tan Hop Cooperative is growing well, having harvested the first crop, with an average yield of about 18 quintals of bark/ha, with an income value of over 200 million VND/ha.

Author: Manh Thuan

Translated by Nguyen Hai Long

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