AP1 Blue thorn variety

Cây gai xanh AP1 có chiều cao từ 2,5 – 3m. Mức độ che phủ nhanh, từ 20 – 30 ngày. Khả năng đẻ nhánh của cây cũng khá nhanh, từ 15 – 20 ngày. Đặc biệt, thân của cây gai xanh AP1 mập hơn, vỏ cây dày hơn, lá to hơn so với cây gai truyền thống. Năng suất 1 – 1,5 tấn/ha/thu hoạch. Mỗi năm cho thu hoạch từ 4 – 5 vụ.

Seed source: AP1 green hemp variety was developed by Mrs. Do Thi Thuy – Chairman of the Board of Directors of An Phuoc Import-Export Production Development Investment Joint Stock Company together with Prof. Dang Trong Luong – Deputy Director of the Institute of Agricultural Genetics has cooperated with the Institute of Agricultural Genetics under the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences to research and select. AP1 green hemp is genetically stable and has many preeminent characteristics, equivalent to and higher in quality than existing hemp varieties in the world.

Characteristics of AP1 green thorns: AP1 green thorns have a height of 2.5 – 3m. Fast coverage, from 20 to 30 days. The tree’s tillering ability is also quite fast, from 15-20 days. In particular, the trunk of AP1 green thorn is fatter, the bark is thicker, and the leaves are larger than that of the traditional thorn tree. Productivity 1 – 1.5 tons/ha/harvest. Each year, the harvest is from 4-5 crops.

These advantages make AP1 green thorn different from the traditional blue thorn variety. At the same time, it helps AP1 to produce finished hemp yarns of domestic and international quality.

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